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More about Internet Explorer Password Recovery and Unmask Tool

Simple and accurate IE password unmask utility reveal or decode the hidden passwords (behind the asterisk characters) that is saved in internet explorer browser. Internet password finder utility instantly reset user logins and passwords of various internet services including personal e-mails, online shopping, news group account, books subscription, and other password protected websites. Award winning email password restoration tool shows up secret code strings of all windows applications with FTP account, Auto complete and auto field account, and other password protected documents.

The most powerful and complete website password recovery tool is specially designed to restore misplaced password which saved on desktop/laptop PC. IE windows password decryptor utility restores password from password protected web pages including Rediffmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Orkut, Hotmail, Chat messengers and many more. Pro Data Doctor offers the excellent password recovery service that is the alternate solutions of expensive password breaker, password removal or password cracker utility.

Software Features

  • Recover lost IE password: Internet explorer password recovery software easily recovers lost passwords saved on your computer system.
  • Restore all Windows application passwords: Password unmask tool reveals various types of password including FTP passwords, login password, auto complete and auto field password, content advisor passwords and other password protected web forms.
  • Reveal hidden password: Windows password revealer program displays the hidden password behind the special characters with any length and complexity.
  • Support major internet explorer version: IE password finder utility supports all major version of internet explorer browser.
  • User friendly interface: Easy to use IE password recovery software facilitates with highly user friendly interface and does not require any expertise skill to operate it.